Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising | Training Institute in Kochi,Kerala

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.PPC is an advertising of your products / services quickly to the world , with the help of ppc your products/brands/services comes at the top of the search result page instantly.Have you ever noticed the advertisements displayed at the top and right side of Google search page?If you have seen them with Ads shown in right side its all Pay Per Click Ads.As the name itself suggests it is an activity where the publishers are paid by the website owner for every single click on the online advertisement.This technique of marketing is used widely to get more traffics to website.

When it comes to digital marketing most of all the people think about two methods that a company can adopt to increase the traffic or visiblity on the internet.This includes the SEO and PPC advertising.Pay Per Click campaign method is nowadays becoming very popular and the smartest way to reach to the people/clients.The good thing in ppc is that you have to pay only for the clicks you have received.PPC can provide the website owner with long term results more rapidly and easily.

At IBOT Solutions it provides full fledge training in PPC campaigns from basic level to advanced level.

We at IBOT Solutions Digital Marketing Company  provides the following things for PPC campaigns :

  •  Setting up an campaign account in Google Adwords.
  •  Keyword research.
  •  Researching on business goals and target audience.
  •  Setting up a budget for ppc.
  •  Tracking in Google Ad words..
  •  Incorporating creative ideas.
  •  Creating proper landing pages.
  •  Testing of campaign.
PPC Training in Kochi,Kerala
                                PPC Training at IBOT Solutions

As a result of PPC it gives a good online exposure and instant results.We conduct a short term campaign, evaluate it and optimize to create best keyword list with its consideration on their product range, brand and other features. We spotlight the landing pages to make out which versions of web pages convert sales most successfully.